"A halo only needs to drop a few inches to become a noose"

Little Big Ranch - the little ranch with big dreams

clydesdale horses at Little Big Ranch


Little Big Ranch is a small clydesdale breeding farm owned by the Jonsson family.

We have had the pleasure of owning quite a few different horses and breeds through the last decades.

But it was the magnificent Scottish Clydesdale horse that really stole our hearts!

Clydesdales and western riding are our passions.


The Jonsson Family


Little Big Ranch is a small farm in the north of Sweden in the county of Jämtland. The little farm is beautifully situated high up with miles of fabulous view over the surrounding nature. About 22 acres of meadows and miles and miles of forests surrounds the ranch.


There is a rich wildlife around the farm with everything from birds, hare, fox and deer to big moose – and bears. A survey in 2008 concluded that this is one of the areas with the most brown bears in the world. There have even been sightings of bears in the village.

Little Big Ranch - the small farm with big dreams


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