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Kettlestoun Valetta

Kettlestoun Valetta

Article of Kettlestoun Valetta in Draft Horse JournalBred by Robert Laurie, Kettlestoun Valetta was foaled April 22 1981. Considered one of the most outstanding foals of her year and the breeder got many offers for the filly, but he turned them all down. When he tragically died in 1983 Kettlestoun Valetta was sold for the record price of £6000. (Keep in mind this was 30 years ago and the value today would be about £17,220 !!) She was purchased by Robert McDonald, Berwickshire and stabled at Collessie Clydesdales.

Kettlestoun Valetta had an excellent pedigree filled to the brim with Cawdor Cup winners. Her sire Doura Masterstroke and his sire Doura Aristocrat were both Cawdor Cup winners. Valetta's dam Kettlestoun Apple Blossom was also a Cawdor Cup winner just as her sire Bardrill Enterprise and her dam Kettlestoun Lucinda. Just to mention a few Cawdor Cup winners in Kettleston Valettas family tree.

Kettlestoun Valetta was a great mare. Her wealth of beautiful bone, strong joints and her great bottoms, open at the hoof head and wide at the heel, have few equals. The underpinning beneath this mare were furnished with a wealth of straight, fine and silky hair. Her head was feminine and full of character. Kettlestoun Valetta was a mare of beautiful balance - attractive from ear tip to tail setting.

Like her grandmother Kettlestoun Lucinda and her mother Kettlestoun Apple Blossom before her - Kettlestoun Valetta also lifted the coveted the Cawdor Cup in 1984.

Kettlestoun Valetta's first foal was Kelloe Cherry Blossom by Hayston Ideal. The filly won quite a few shows and even beat her mother at one occasion. But unfortunally this promising filly died before producing any offspring of her own.

Kettlestoun Valetta was then sold to Ron Black at Collessie Clydesdales, were the brood mare had been stabled during the last years and she stayed there until her death.

Valetta produced many champions and Cawdor Cup winners. In 1987 she produced Collessie Benedictine by Royal Bon Accord. He went on to achieve champion titles and also a Cawdor Cup reserve 1989. The most famous of Valettas offspring is undoubtedly the legendary Collessie Cut Above by Doura Sir Charles. Cut Above won numerous awards and Champion titles and he also got the Cawdor Cup in 1997. That is just a few of Valettas successful offspring.

In 1992 Valetta raised two foals, both her own Collessie Cut Above and also she the took in an orphaned granddaughter, Collessie Flowergirl.


Kettlestoun Valetta was a prolific mare that made quite an imprint on the Clydesdale breed.


(This is a just short summary from an article by Bruce A Roy in Draft Horse Journal spring issue 2004. Visit www.drafthorsejournal.com to buy the back issue of the magazine with the full article.)

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