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Clydesdale Horse Society

The Clydesdale Horse Society was initiated on the eve of the Glasgow Stallion Show on the last Tuesday of February 1877. The Society was formally launched in June 1877. The first, or retrospective volume of the Clydesdale Stud Book, was published the following December when the breed was already a century and a half old. Worldwide, there are over seven hundred members of the Clydesdale Horse Society and the majority of the members live within the UK and Ireland. Most of the members are Clydesdale Horse breeders.

The objectives of the Clydesdale Horse Society:

  • To maintain unimpaired the purity of the breed of horses known as Clydesdale horses and to promote the breeding of these horses.

  • To collect, verify, preserve and publish the pedigrees of the said horses and other useful information relating to them.

  • To promote the general interests of the breeders and owners of the said horses

  • To investigate suspicious or doubtful pedigrees of the said horses or other alleged misrepresentations relating to them and to publish the results of such investigations.

  • To arbitrate upon, investigate and settle disputes and questions relating to the said horses etc etc

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The Clydesdale Horse Society webpage

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