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Clydesdales in Sweden

Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid aka Samson at home at Little Big RanchBack in 1893 Sweden was the leading importer of Clydesdales purchasing 23 head of stallions from Scotland that particular year. Usually the leading importer used to be Northern America, but due to a major economic depression over there only 14 stallions were imported that year.

In Sweden there used to be a horse called Levene horse that derived from the Clydesdale. It was in the 1850s that Clydesdale stallions were used to cross with local mares. The Levene horse was mostly brown with white face and white legs – much like the Clydesdale. However the Levene horse was smaller than the Clydesdale. Significant trades were its strength, agility and cooperativeness. The Levene horse was also said to be as fast as a harness racing horse. It was recognized as a breed in 1882. Unfortunately the Levene horse was extinct in 1972. Read more about it here (link to article, only in Swedish)

There are still breeders today that use Clydesdale stallions on native Swedish breeds to improve them, getting more size and agility.


Right now in Sweden there are only about 20-30 Clydesdales and less than a handful of breeders in the entire country. There are 6 breeders prefixes registered with the Clydesdale Horse Society in Scotland, but only 2-3 of them are still active breeding Clydesdales. 

In 2011 in Sweden there were no new foals registered in the Clydesdale Horse Society Stud book (V117).  The previous year there were 5 Swedish Clydesdale foals - 4 fillies and 1 colt - registered in the CHS Studbook (V116). As a comparison that 2010 CHS stud book contained in total 130 filly foals and 100 colt foals, 3 grade-up filly foals, 3 grade-up colt foals, 17 stallions and 4 colts numbered for export.


Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid aka Samson at Little Big Ranch

Clydesdales in Scandinavia

In Denmark there are only one registered breeders prefix with the Clydesdale Horse Society in Scotland and none in Finland or Norway.


Clydesdales around the world

The Clydesdale is a widespread breed throughout every corner of the world. During the period 1884 to 1945 a total of 20 183 export certificates for stallions, mares and fillies were issued by the Clydesdale Horse Society and in the top year 1911 a staggering 1 617 stallions were exported out of Scotland. Huge numbers of Clydesdales were exported to USA and Canada, but also to other countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Russia and South Africa. A great number also went to New Zealand and Australia where the Clydesdale is said to be the horse that built the country.


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