"Kickin' never gets you anywhere unless you're a mule"


We think it is very important to constantly develop and learn more about riding, driving and being around horses. So we regularly go to clinics - both as participants and as spectators. It is also of course great fun to meet other horse-people and to get inspiration.

In our experience it is wise to first go as a spectator to learn more and decide if you want to participate later. That way you know what you get for your money, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and harsh training methods or other things you don't agree with.

During the last years we've had the pleasure of organizing clinics of our own with the legendary Swedish western rider and judge Staffan Ljunggren from Ljunghem Western Training, who we've found to be very professional, qualified, skilled and educational. He has experience of more than four decades of horsetraining and he gladly shares his vast expertise with the participants and spectators of his clinics.

Pictures from clinics that we've arranged throughout the years.
bo jacÅskådare på clinic m Staffanrobin


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 "If you take the time it takes, it will take less time"


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