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Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid

#SamsonThe Clydesdale

Our pride and joy is our handsome Clydesdale stallion Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid also known as Samson. He is a gentle big boy with a good temper, kind hearted and easygoing. Whenever a new youngster comes to the ranch it is always Samson that takes care of them and even let them eat from the same bucket as him. He is always ready to work, quite clever, easily trained and trying his best at all times. He has sturdy good bones and big joints, lots and lots of hair and silky feathers. He has great movements too and despite his size he is surprisingly agile . Samson has an excellent pedigree with lots of champions and Cawdor Cup winners.

Samson is western ridden and he is also started in harness. He has been helping us with a bit of logging, bringing home firewood to the ranch. Samson is also used to round up stray cattle from the nearby farm. He performs brilliantly in every task. We regularly participate in clinics (training for an instructor) to learn more. Although Samson is all stallion he rides together with mares and geldings without any trouble. That shows his amazingly good temper and quite nature - always ready to work and eager to please.

Samson is micro chipped, DNA tested, CEM tested and has had a thorough veterinary examination including x-ray of all the joints in his legs. Everything checked out just fine, of course. He is in perfect health.

Name: Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid
Stable name: Samson
Breed: Clydesdale
Gender: Stallion
Born: 2003
Colour: Bay roan
Height: 17,2 hh (175 cm)
Breeder: Sir Charles Kerruish and Clare Christian, Garff Stud, Isle of Man.
to Sweden 2003
Sire: Collessie Benedictine by Royal Bon Accord and out of Kettlestoun Valetta by Doura Masterstroke
Dam: Garff Freya by Garff Pacemaker (aka Tulloes Supreme) and out of Westhouses Mayflower by Torrs Bardrill Ideal

Two of Samson's paternal siblings have won the prestigeous Cawdor Cup! He has a splendid pedigree filled to the brim with many of the finest Scottish bloodlines.  There you can find names of distinguished Clydesdales, premium stallions, Champions and Cawdor Cup winners such as Kettlestoun Valetta, Kettlestoun Apple Blossom, Kettlestoun Lucinda, Doura Masterstroke, Doura Aristocrat, Doura Excelsior, Torrs Renown, Bardrill Enterprise, Glenord, Johnston Leader, Muirton Sensation, Muirton Monarch, Howford Classic Lady, Benefactor, Ballgreen Final Command, Milton Classic Lady, Bonnie Buchlyvie, Dunure Footprint, Craigie Paramount, Craigie Gallant Hero, Craigie Commodore, Craigie Supreme Commander, Craigie Beau Ideal, Craigie McQuaid, Dunsyre Footprint, Dunure Refiner, Dunure Footprint, Briarbrae Lucinda, Ballochmorrie Mist, Onoway, Fyvie Sensation, Moira, Kismet, Barons Pride just to mention a few.

Heavenly Benedictine of Arclid aka Samson at home at Little Big Ranch in SwedenSamson is featured in the new book - The Clydesdale - the Workhorse of the World by Mary BromilowSamson at Little Big Ranch

Samson is featured as the only Clydesdale in Scandinavia in a book about Clydesdales that was released in 2011 called "The Clydesdale - workhorse of the world" by scottish author Mary Bromilow.

Collessie Benedictine sire of Samson clydesdale stallion at Little Big Ranch The dam of Samson, Garff Freya at home at Garff Stud on Isle of Man
The sire of Samson, Collessie Benedictine at 24 years of age. The dam of Samson, Garff Freya at home at Garff Stud on Isle of Man.
#SamsonThe Clydesdale
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